Bonanza Unitization

Bonanza Unitization is the Provident Fund member Management Software. The program accommodates the Employees’ choice to setup master fund according to  their investment policies. With master fund, the members can allocate or switch money to the appropriate fund type.

 Master Files 

 Master files are used for maintaining the information as following
 - Basic  information i.e. holiday, personnel income tax rate, business type, Initial name, investment policy, related organization, contact person, accounting diagram
 - Fund information i.e. NAV, date,  asset allocation, bank account, fund committee
 - Employer information i.e. employer company, payment, condition of provident fund, employee committee, departments of company
 - Employee information i.e. employee/member, holiday leave, heir

 Support activities as following

  • Cash receive/ payment
  • Interface information
  • Employee resignation
  • Transaction adjustment
  • Policy changes
  • Employer close
  • Fund close
  • Fund transference
  • Daily position close
  • Yearly close  
  • Benefit calculation
  • Export Text File such as tax information, cheque, PVD3000                  


  • Unit holding report by
  • Investment cash
  • All type of investment cash i.e. transferred money from previous fund or policy changes, donation
  • Net asset value of fund under the same employer 
  • Redemption report of expired members
  • Withholding tax payment
  • Policy change report
  • Summary investment from policy change report

 Security Administration

  • User Name / Password
  • Identify rights of users for accessing program
  • Activity Log