Bonanza Registrar

Bonanza Registrar is the software to support the registrar operations. The system provides full functionalities for registrar such as database management, daily routine, report, dual control and system security. Moreover, Bonanza Registrar can interface data with Selling Agent system.

System Features

Bonanza Registrar provides the following functions to help registrar work more efficiently:

Open account

  • Open new account from agents front office.
  • Verify account information to prevent duplicate registration.
  • Add more accounts.Generate Unit Holder Number according to Fund House policy.
  • Update unit trust holder information.

Order Transaction

  • Subscription and Redemption order.
  • Switch transaction either between funds or between fund houses.
  • Transfer transaction
  • Receive order from system template.

Good Fund Approval

  • Allocate unit trust after good fund approval.
  • Collect the investment amount after T+1 (in case of cheque payment).

Unit Trust Allocation

  • Set Allocation schedule.
  • Calculate allocation price based on the NAV
  • Allocate unit trust to get total net income, management fee, VAT, and increase/decrease of unit trust for unit trust holder.
  • Calculate bank transfer fee and provide transfer instruction report.
  • Generate daily cash flow forecast report of funds.
  • Generate Pre-allocate daily transaction summary report.
  • Generate confirmation note report.
  • Generate unit trust holder report.


  • Statement of holding.
  • RMF confirmation note.
  • Record XD data (Close date, Payment date, Dividend per unit , Dividend amount)
  • Calculate withholding tax for each investor.
  • Dividend transfer ordering.
  • Generate Book close date report.
  • Generate dividend report, calculate transfer fee (can be deducted from fund or investor), and provide cash transfer instruction
  • Supplement P.N.D. 3, P.N.D. 53 and 54
  • Withholding Tax Certificate. Generate file to bank.
  • Print Dividend Cheque

Transfer, Freeze, Pledge

  • Record dividend of beneficiary and pay cheque to beneficiary.
  • Record pledgee by identifying beneficiary to be pledger or pledgee and pay cheque to beneficiary.
  • Calculate dividend tax when have some freeze account or pledging unit trust.

Calculate Selling Agent fee

  • Calculate commission fee for selling agent.
  • Calculate commission fee for marketing agent.
  • Calculate front-end, back-end and trial fee by progressive rate (Tier or step).

Automatic Redemption ( Identify selling from funds with all investors )

  • Generate new order automatically by setting time schedule.
  • Generate redemption order by Capital gain setting.

Standing Order

  • Subscription and Redemption


  • Reinvest the dividend gained from Automatic Redemption in the unit trusts specified by the investor.


  • Allocate until received the real closing price.


  • Refund unsubsciption IPO order by cheque and generate automatic direct debit to bank.


  • External Switch-in and Switch-out between Fund houses
  • Calculate the principal and profit of investor account.
  • Paying cheque in case switching to other fund houses.
  • End of Year Report of Subscription Transaction
  • Certificate for Transfer Order


  • Partial external switch-in and switch-out between found houses
  • Calculate principal and interests.

Print Report

  • Text File MPF 3000 ,4000,5000,7000
  • Confirmation Note
  • Statement of Holding
  • Certificate for Subscription /Redemption Order
  • Account & General Information Report
  • Allocation Report of Subscription, Redemption, and Switch-in/out Order
  • Daily Transaction Report
  • Payment Report of Redemption and External Switch-out Transaction
  • Buy-Sell Tax Summary Report
  • Top Ten Holdings Report
  • Daily transaction report
  • Agent Fee Report
  • Outstanding Balance Report

Security & Audit Log